About Us

We Are Fibre Partner

Fibre Partner Limited is operating in the UK as a Telecom installation contractor to telecommunications, fibre Infrastructure providers, operators, vendors and telecom system integrators.

Fibre Partner Limited team consists of experienced telecom professional with +40 years of accumulated experience in the telecom industry. Our goal is to increase the number of skilled engineers in the UK by hiring in-house and self-employed engineers; getting them trained, accredited and qualified by professional training providers in the UK.

We at Fibre Partner Limited are committed to our policies and our values are ingrained into our staff, which resonates throughout the company from Director level to engineers.

What We Do

  1. Fibre splicing and jointing works of optical fibre cables
  2. Telecoms Rigging services
  3. Rod & rope and fibre cable laying in the BT Openreach Ducts
  4. Fibre to The Home Installation (FTTH) Service for Gigabit connections
  5. Fibre cabling to provide gigabit broadband in the MDU / Buildings
  6. Project management services

Core Values

We strive to lead by example and conduct ourselves with honesty and integrity in all aspects of our business.
We take responsibility for our actions and hold ourselves accountable for delivering on our commitments to our customers and stakeholders.
We take responsibility for our actions and hold ourselves accountable for delivering on our commitments to our customers and stakeholders.
We embrace diversity and inclusivity in our workplace, and are committed to providing equal opportunities for all.
We maintain the highest standards of confidentiality and ethical behavior in all our dealings with clients and stakeholders.
We strive for excellence in everything we do, and believe that collaboration is key to achieving our goals.
We are forward-thinking and always looking for innovative ways to solve problems and improve our services.
We encourage creativity and innovation, and are committed to continuous learning and professional development for our employees.

Our Responsibilities

Corporate Social Responsibility

Fibre Partner Limited is committed to its corporate social responsibility (CSR). We take pride in actively embracing the commitment of the continuous improvement philosophy in every aspect of our company, from our own staff to our suppliers and customers.

Environmental Responsibility

We are pro-actively working to reduce our carbon footprint by taking initiatives to measure, monitor and reduce our various energy consumptions and by reducing vehicle emissions. As part of our commitment to the environment, we adopt a top-down, integrated approach to aspects relating to health & safety, environment and quality (HSEQ).

Our Commitment to Quality and Standards

  1. Our engineers are trained, qualified, and accredited Riggers and fibre splicers and cablers.
  2. The engineers and operatives have undergone a wide range of training courses and certifications, including but not limited to:
All of these trainings and certifications ensure that our engineers are highly qualified and equipped to handle any job with the utmost care and expertise.
  • Engineers work under the supervision of an onsite Lead Engineer and receive a full briefing before starting any work.
  • They are equipped with state-of-the-art fibre optic testing, splicing and other necessary equipment.
  • Our engineers are trained in safety on the road, general site safety, PPE regulations, manual handling, confined space, and working at height competence.
  • We work on public and private land to deliver fibre to the home/premises, and always assess the surrounding area before installation begins to ensure safety.
  • The protection and safety of the public and our employees is our top priority, and all site engineers adhere to safety rules.
  • We use signage and guarding to cordon off working areas where necessary.

Safe Contractor Certification

We are proud to have achieved the Safe Contractor certificate, which is a leading health and safety accreditation for UK contractors. This certification demonstrates our commitment to maintaining high standards of health and safety across all our operations. By achieving this certification, we have proven our compliance with industry regulations and best practices, and we can provide our clients with the assurance that we take health and safety seriously. This is particularly important in our industry where we work with potentially hazardous materials and on-site environments. Our Safe Contractor certificate shows that we have the necessary systems and procedures in place to manage risk and ensure the safety of our employees and anyone who may be affected by our work.

Standards of Excellence

At Fibre Partner Limited, we are dedicated to providing high-quality fibre installation services while being environmentally responsible, socially accountable and committed to excellence.

Data Protection

We ensure that all personal data we hold is kept secure and that it is held for no longer than the necessary time period for the purpose it is being processed for.


We are committed to providing high-quality services that meet or exceed our clients’ expectations. Our engineers are trained, qualified and accredited fibre splicers and cable engineers. They have BT PIA Accreditations, attended NRSWA unit training and have EUSR/CSCS Cards.

Equal Opportunity

We provide equal opportunities and are committed to the principle of equality in accordance with legislative provisions.

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